Nvidia Notebook GPU Specs Revealed: MX110, MX130, MX150

Nvidia updated its new entry-level mobile version of GPUs this year in may, the MX150 mobile graphics processor. The GPUs are based on the Pascal architecture and very efficient with power consumption for the notebooks it hosts. Notebookcheck posted this as a laptop GT 1030 although with a smaller size chip. Here we are going to talk about the MX110, MX130 and MX150.

Nvidia plans to add two members to the MX series of mobile graphics cards. The MX130 and MX110, previously GTX 940MX and 920MX vest cards. Judging from the performance specs their frequency is higher but the structural changes brought on with the revisions increase the power consumption.

MX130 is basically a GTX 940MX, CUDA stream processors are the same (384), although compared to the MX150 its frequency is lower, 1122-1242 MHz. The video memory is the same on all the GPUs (2GB). From the specifications, the MX130 can perform up to 80% of MX150.

MX110 MX130 MX150

Now the lowest version is the MX110 that’s basically a GTX 920MX revision but with lower specifications. It consists of 256 CUDA stream cores and 965-993 MHz of core and boost clocks. It only supports GPU Boost 2.0 and the video memory remains the same (2GB).

All three of the GPUs utilize a maximum of 25 watts TDP and the major difference is between CUDA cores and core clocks, where MX 150 seems to be the most powerful out of the three. The MX150 performs better than the GT 1030. It was found in the HP Envy 13 as Nvidia MX150 GPU, official successor to the Geforce 940MX.

The performance is higher than the old 950M and power consumption is lower because of the small size chip. 14nm as you can see in the chart. This card also supports multi-monitor, Vulkan, Direct X 12.1 on 64-bit bus bandwidth @ 6008 MHz. This GPU was released 5 months ago, Alternatively, MX130 and MX110 are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2018 for the super entry-level notebooks.

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