Nvidia looking to renovate PhysX technology

As we all know that PhysX engine has been the backbone of Nvidia’s GPUs and they have been failing to compete with AMD with this technology for quite a while now.AMD has already announced there upcoming technology having support for DirectX 11 later this year. while Nvidia currently has no plan to launch any GPU supporting DirectX 11 is probably aiming to build a GPU with more powerful PhysX support.

Nvidia’s 200 series was nothing but modified version of 8800 series but one thing that I like the most about these GPUs was that they don’t consume much power and have less heat issues as compared to AMD.

Since they are short of ideas,they are making more or less same thing in a large budget which is not pleasant at all.We don’t have any details about what actually they are trying to build this time but, one thing is for sure that if they don’t come up with something different and powerful  they will loose their place in the market already dominated by AMD.

Some experts have been invited to their Santa Clara, California offices for some testing probably and it is expected that they will reveal this new GPU on 30th October.I am quite curious about this one.What about you?