Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 Patches Prey Stuttering Problem

Prey just came out recently and seeing how the game is optimized for AMD Ryzen it is no surprise that people who were using Nvidia GPUs faced some issues with the game. Stuttering was one of the issues that many people were facing and even though the last driver update was a game ready update this issue still persisted. Now Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 is here to solve that issue.

Most drivers download themselves but if you are playing Prey and are looking for the best experience using an Nvidia GPU then you will need to download this update manually. This issue is consistent on all Nvidia GPUs if you are playing the game on high presets. The game is capped at 144 FPS but even if you are using a high-end GPU minimum FPS will drop below 60.

If you are looking for a smooth experience while playing Prey then you should download the Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19. It is important to note here that the Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 does improve the game performance but does not resolve the issue altogether. You will notice some jittering with the update but it will become less noticeable as compared to the game without the update.

Nvidia has been the market leader when it comes to GPUs for some time now and now that companies are optimizing games for AMD things could become tricky. Previously, Nvidia was the clear option and till recently people hesitated to go for AMD because games were better optimized for Nvidia and Intel.

Now that developers are also getting on the AMD hype and are optimizing games for AMD Ryzen as well as upcoming AMD GPUs things could be different. Competition is always great for the consumer and we will have to see what Nvidia does to tackle the problem at hand. You can download the driver here.

Let us know what you think about Nvidia Hotfix Driver 382.19 and whether or not this makes the game better for you.

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