Nvidia GTX 1180: Get Ready To Pay $1000+ For The Turing Graphics Card Later This Year

Nvidia GTX 1180 is a card that we have been waiting to hear more about and we have got no announcement regarding the graphics card or even the architecture that it will be based on. While there has been a lot of speculation regarding when the Nvidia GTX 1180 is going to come out, our sources, as well as other hints, point toward a release this year.

The Nvidia GTX 1180 should be released around September 2018 and it is most likely if Nvidia is planning on sticking to the GPU roadmap that they have provided. Having that said, we also know that thousands of graphics cards have been sent back tot he GPU maker and that Nvidia is trying to get rid of all these graphics cards.

If the Nvidia GTX 1180 is indeed coming out later this year then a limited number of graphics cards will be sent to AIB partners that will be using their own coolers and what not in order to gain an advantage over other partners. Other than that due to the limited supply, you could end up paying a lot more than the MSRP of the Nvidia GTX 1180. You could even end up paying double for the graphics card if you really want on at launch.

While the mining boom will not have much of an effect on the pricing of the Nvidia GTX 1180, prices of PC hardware components is expected to rise and we are seeing that trend lately. We have heard predictions of PC hardware getting expensive and that might be the case with the Nvidia GTX 1180 as well. If indeed the graphics card is more expensive as compared to the previous generation Pascal flagship that it would be no surprise if you end up paying more than $1000 for the Nvidia GTX 1180, at launch.

You might remember the launch of the Pascal graphics cards back in 2016. It took a long time before people were able to get graphics cards at MSRP and people had to wait for months. If they were priced at MSRP they were not in stock and if they were in stock, they were not priced at MSRP. People bought plenty and sold them at a premium on eBay. You can expect the same to happen when the Nvidia GTX 1180 is released.

Buying directly from Nivida is always an option but as this is going to be a new graphics card based on a new architecture and everyone is going to want one, even Nvidia is not going to be able to keep up with demand. Plus Nvidia only has the reference design models. If you want a custom Nvidia GTX 1180 then you will need to buy from a retail store or go online.


Let us know what you think about the Nvidia GTX 1180 and whether or not this is something that you are interested in getting when the card comes out.

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