Nvidia GTX 1180: Here Is Why You Might Want To Skip The Founder’s Edition Reference Design Model

Nvidia GTX 1180 is going to replace the 10 series Pascal based GTX 1080 and is going to be the top of the line graphics card in the upcoming next generation but you might want to skip the reference design model in favor of a Nvidia GTX 1180 with a custom cooler. Here is why.

We have heard about a slight redesign for the Nvidia GTX 1180 as compared to the previous models and we have been hearing about dual fans instead of one. We already know that the blower style fans are not all that great when it comes to keeping the graphics cards cool under load but then again they are cheaper to make and integrate year after year. Why do you think there are two fans this time around instead of one?

You might think that a second fan is being added in order to make cooling and airflow even butter and you would be right in thinking so but why go with dual fans for the Nvidia GTX 1180 reference design model when we have been getting a single one for as long as I can remember? The simple answer seems to be that the Nvidia GTX 1180 has a heating issue.

I think that the Nvidia GTX 1180 dissipates a lot more heat as compared to the GTX 1080 and that is why Nvidia is using dual fans instead of one so that the card can remain cool. This could mean that the custom models will come with beefier coolers in order to compensate for the additional heat that is being produced.

We know what Nvidia cards reduce the clock speed when they reach a certain temperature and you might not feel that is you are playing a light game that does not impact the GPU too much but then again you are going to notice this when you are playing a highly graphics intensive title. You do not want thermal throttling there.

There is no confirmation from Nvidia regarding whether or not the Nvidia GTX 1180 will come with dual fans or not but if these reports are true and the Nvidia GTX 1180 does come with dual fans then you might want to wait and check out the reviews before you buy one. I know it can be tempting to get the latest and greatest graphics card on the market but when it comes to the Nvidia GTX 1180, you might want to wait for reviews, or you could wait for the custom models to come out.

Partners were not allowed to market the boost clocks of their graphics cards on the box last time and that was a bit of a problem as custom card makers could not differentiate themselves from the competition. They had to provide the same specs as the reference design model out of the box. Luckily overclocking profiles could be downloaded from the official sites. That could also be the case with the upcoming Nvidia GTX 1180. We do not know for sure, so all we can do is wait and see what Nvidia does.

The custom models will come with a better cooler and you can expect to see liquid cooled models as well as Nvidia GTX 1180 custom models with triple fans. That should be enough to counter the additional heat dissipation. For more information regarding the matter stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia GTX 1180 and whether or not you think that the redesign is due to heating issues.

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