Nvidia Faces Lawsuit for Falsely Advertising GTX 970 Specs!

Nvidia is in a bit of a problem as it is currently facing a Class Action Lawsuit over GTX 970 specs. Many gamers who grabbed Nvidia’s GTX 970 GPU, were highly disappointed to find out that the new GPU doesn’t have the same specifications as advertised by the company.

According to 970’s specs, it utilizes 4 gig of VRAM. However, that wasn’t the case as the card couldn’t manage to go over 3.5 gig. That 0.5 among other falsely advertised specs are the reason of this class action suit.

Here’s what the suit claims:

This is a nationwide class action brought on behalf of all consumers who purchased graphics or video card devices incorporating the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 graphics processing units (“GPU”) (hereinafter “GTX 970” or “GTX 970 devices”), which were sold based on the misleading representation that the GTX 970 operates with a full 4GB of VRAM at GDDR5 (not a less performant 3.5 GB with a less performant and decoupled .5 GB spillover), 64 ROPs (as opposed to 56 ROPs), and an L2 cache capacity of 2048KB (as opposed to 1792 KB), or omitted material facts to the contrary.

There are plenty of AAA games that need 4GB of VRAM to run properly and if that isn’t provided, issues will surely occur. Just last month Nvidia’s Jonah Alben admitted the claim being true as the card does indeed runs at 3.5 GB, while the other 512 MB runs far slower.

Despite this, the company continued to advertise otherwise. The situation isn’t in favor of Nvidia and the company may have to pay compensation to gamers.

It’s a developing story and we’ll update you as soon as something comes up.

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