NVIDIA Applies For New Trademarks: TURING, GeForce RTX And Quadro RTX

A few days ago, NVIDIA has made an application to register three new trademarks for TURING, GeForce RTX, and Quadro RTX. This stirred up the conversation about the next generation of NVIDIA graphics cards in the market and their architecture. Is the GTX series moving on to its next generation?

According to VideoCardz, NVIDIA first registered a new trademark name called TURING. While there’s no information about it, it could either be hardware or software related, with the likelihood of it being the architecture for their next generation of GPUs being the most prominent one.

Additionally, the company applied for the trademarks for GeForce RTX, and Quadro RTX. Up until now, we believed that the GTX series will get another series of graphics cards but, as it seems, this is not the case. Even if these are not the names of the next GPU series for NVIDIA, at some point the GTX line will be replaced by RTX. Whatever that means, there’s more to this news than just a trademarks’ registration.

AdoredTV YouTube channel has revealed similar information to that of the trademarks. According to them, the new series would feature Turing architecture and GTX 2080 would, in fact, be called RTX 2080. The company would allegedly replace GTX branding with RTX for 2080 and 2070 models. This looks like legit information, as it seems to be taken from an internal presentation of NVIDIA.

Last week, NVIDIA partner, Manli Technologies, has registered GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 as next-gen GPUs which aligns to the previous information at the model naming. Since the company has provided the trademarks after that date, we might actually be seeing a name change for those two models at this point.

It looks like NVIDIA is changing their model name branding to RTX. Do you think this is valid information or just pure rumors spreading fast on the internet?

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