Nvidia Announces DesignWorks for Photorealistic Rendering in Virtual Reality

Nvidia has announced DesignWorks; a set of new software tools aimed at the design industry and to change the way designers work on their creations.

According to Nvidia, DesignWorks allows users to render in virtual reality, at a larger scale, and even letting them collaborate with other designers using live video. For Nvidia, the ability to use the rendering tools in virtual reality is an important aspect of DesignWorks:

Leading-edge companies like Ford use VR [in] their design processes. We want to make it so that if you’re on a workflow you can take your design from package to package. Different parts of the design team will seamlessly have a way to visualize design and cut the time [taken] to produce whatever you’re working on, and pull it forward in a way that benefits everyone.

Nvidia has also promised to showcase the software during the Siggraph Conference 2015 in Los Angeles later this week. In addition to this, Nvidia has also announced that the Pixar Animation Studio will license Nvidia technology’s suite to its quasi-Monte Carlo image rendering technique:

Nvidia and Pixar have worked together for years to improve workflows in content creation. With Nvidia’s QMC sampling technology, Pixar can accelerate its creative process while continuing to produce visual imagery and animation of the very highest standard.

For more information on Nvidia DesignWorks, head over to Nvidia Blogs.

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