Nvidia to Add GameWorks Support to Evolve

Nvidia has been working closely with Turtle Rock Studios to add a variety of GameWorks features to Evolve, the graphics card manufacturer has revealed.

It’s unknown as to what exactly Nvidia will be adding to the game in future patches. Hopefully, the features are enough to give players more options to further enhance the game’s visuals.

Not saying that Evolve is looking outdated right now. The first-person shooter and CryEngine have worked in tandem to bring forth an exhilarating ambiance setting. Nvidia is now looking forward to taking advantage of the game engine and unlocking its full potential.

We’ve been working with 2K and Turtle Rock Studios to make Evolve awesome on the PC. The game looks amazing with 4K graphics, works flawlessly with NVIDA DSR and can even be streamed to an NVIDIA SHIELD. We are working closely with Turtle Rock Studios to add GameWorks features to Evolve in the very near future.

GameWorks is a library of effects that is easily accessible by developers and allows them to integrate them into pretty much any graphics engine. This includes a far better facial geometry rendering, TXAA support, HBAO+, hair that’s comparable to AMD’s TressFX rendered hair, better physics rendering, as well as tools to make turbulent effects and even fire look more realistic.

via DSO Gaming

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