Do Not Install Nvidia 388.59 Driver Update! Oculus Rift Being Affected With Black Screen Of Death

Oculus is warning users regarding the Nvidia 388.59 driver update that comes with a black screen of death issue on the Oculus Rift. Some users have been facing this issue when the PC is turned back on from the sleep mode. If you are facing this then this is not a hardware issue but an Nvidia 388.59 driver problem.

This is pretty bad timing considering that the Oculus Rift was able to overtake the HTC Vive according to the Steam Hardware Survey that we covered. According to the same survey, more than 80% people using Steam have Nvidia graphics cards, so you can see why that would be an issue. According to Oculus Support Center:

“If you are using an Nvidia GPU and currently experiencing display or performance issues with your Oculus Rift, please make sure you’re using driver version 388.59. Later versions may cause compatibility issues with Oculus software.”

An Nvidia Hotfix driver has been released but it only addresses some concerns that Nivida Titan V users have been facing. unfortunately, this issue has not been fixed yet but we do expect a fix to be released soon. If you are facing this issue then you can get the previous version of the drivers.

Some reports are claiming that the issue is on Microsoft’s end with the new Windows update but that is something that we cannot confirm at this point. We will let you know more information, once that we get it. Stay tuned to SegmentNext in order to learn more.

There is a lot of debate regarding whether or not the upcoming Nvidia GTX 2080 will be coming out on GTC. While some sources are saying that the graphics card will be announced at the even, other sources claim that is not the case. If you ask me, I think Computex is more likely, but you never know.

Let us know if you are facing the same issues with Oculus Rift on the new Nvidia 388.59 driver update.

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