Nvidia 144Hz G-Sync HDR Monitors From ASUS And Acer To Release “Within Two Weeks”

Nvidia 144HZ monitors with G-sync and HDR have been delayed a lot and PC enthusiasts are eager to get one for themselves and it seems that they will be able to get their hands on one within two weeks from now as these Nidia Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors will reportedly release two weeks from now.

The report comes from PC World’s Gordon Mah Ung who got a sneak peak of Acer’s X27 Predator which is one of the Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors and compared it with the standard 4K 60Hz G-Sync monitor.

While he compared the two monitors in detail but, what got our attention was that he mentioned that this Nvidia 144HZ G-sync HDR monitor will release “as soon as two weeks from now”, which is not very specific but, at least we have a release window.

While these Nvidia G-sync 144 Hz HDR monitors will be coming to the market but, there is no graphics card from Nvidia that can handle the 4K at 144 Hz.

This might indicate that Nvidia might be ready to unveil its upcoming GPU series and if not then these displays will prove to be future proof as future graphics cards from the GPU giant and probably AMD will be able to fully utilize these displays.

Speaking of Nvidia, as the cryptocurrency mining craze is slowing down AMD And Nvidia AIB partners expect that the GPU shipments will plunge 40%.


Industry sources have revealed that Gigabyte, MSI, and TUL are expecting the GPU shipments to drop by 40% in April due to cryptocurrency craze coming to an end.

Channel distributors and larger mining farm operators have cut orders with makers of mining graphics cards and mining motherboards or asked them to suspend shipments due to the crypto mining craze waning abruptly from the beginning of April, the sources said.

Do you think ASUS and Acer will launch their 144HZ G-sync HDR monitors this month? Let us know in the comments.

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