Nude Bayonetta Mod Now Available On PC, Because Of Course It Is

It was only a matter of time before this happened: a nude Bayonetta mod is now available on the PC version of Bayonetta, which released several weeks ago. While Bayonetta is already sensual enough, it appears that it wasn’t enough for some PC gamers that wanted to see more of Bayonetta’s body.

The file that comprises the mod allows you to switch Bayonetta’s textures with a variety of new outfits or, if you want to see every inch of Bayonetta’s body, make her straight up nude. So, if you want to see Bayonetta even more naked or scantily-clad than she was before, this is the mod for you.

Various costumes include a wet one-piece swimsuit, a Joy angel (one of the enemies in the game), a number of skimpy costumes made of things like denim and lace, and even a nun outfit.

Considering that, in the background information, Bayonetta’s “clothing” that she wears in game is already technically her hair (which also flies off whenever she’s using her Wicked Weave special moves), it would appear that people that want to download the nude Bayonetta mod aren’t getting their rocks off from those little glimpses, or her skintight outfits to begin with.

However, even if you download the nude Bayonetta mod you may not be very impressed; the textures, from what we can see in the screenshots, look pretty low-quality (though that’s to be expected from fan-made mods), ranging from the “skin” itself to the “outfits” that were put on them.

The nude Bayonetta mod is, of course, only available on the PC version of the game, so if you want to see Bayonetta naked but have it on the Xbox or the Wii U, you’ll have to get the PC version of the game to see the mod for yourself. To download the mod, follow this link.