The Love Child of Call of Duty and Battlefield, World War 3 Gets an Update

The developers at Farm 51 have released a new patch for World War 3, a game that’s without a doubt a love child of Battlefield and Call of Duty. With the new update Farm 51 has added a handful of new features to the game including a new mode.

The most notable features of the November update is a team deathmatch mode of the 10v10 variety.

The new contents for World War 3 include a new map called the “Warsaw Shopping Mall.” New weapons include MSBS rifle is now available in the gameplay and also a new multirole armored fighting vehicle called the IFV Boxer is added to the update. A new Russian Partisan uniform was also added in the contents as well.

In addition to new contents, some tweaks have also been made to the current spawn locations. And also new spawn locations were added in the update.

Additionally, new features were also added as part of this patch release. New features include in-game grenade selector just like selecting any other gadget in the gameplay. Thermographic weapon scope is now usable in weapons, medium magnification for Thor SM and for high magnification Odin LM. Backend progression system and server authentication were also added in the new features.

Here is a full list of these new features:


  • In-game grenade selector (just like gadget)
  • Backend: Progression system (first pass)
  • Thermal scopes (first pass)
  • Backend: Item unlocking
  • Backend: Server authentication
  • First tests of the changing day/night system (TDM map only)

A lot of bugs, gameplay issues were also fixed in the patch release. The update fixed some of the item names and description on pop-ups and also fixes the ammo display in the customizations and many more.

Check out the full list of World War 3 patch release.

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