Not Earning XP Or Collectibles In Gears 5? You’re Not Alone

As the new Gears 5 prepares to leave early access, many players have noticed that they are no longer earning experience points (XP) or collectibles. This bug is not exclusive to any platform and fortunately, the root cause has been identified. The unfortunate thing, though, is that the potential solution remains vague.

According to an update provided by The Coalition on Twitter this weekend, Gears 5 has encountered a few scalability issues. Due to an unprecedented large number of players, the back-end servers and services have taken a beating. This has in turn taken a toll on the in-game progression, which is why many players are no longer earning XP or collectibles.

The developer has assured that work is ongoing to restore stability and prevent any further loss of progression. Without any further clarification, the question of whether the lost XP or collectibles will return remains unanswered. There are two possible scenarios here, one of which has a silver lining.

The first is obviously where you lose everything. Gears 5 will receive a new patch that squashes the bug and players will start grinding XP once more or head back to find those collectibles again. It’s not a happy ending but one that has happened in the past with several other games. If you want to play it safe, stop playing Gears 5 until the progression issue has been fixed.

The second possible scenario, which many believe to be the case, is that you have lost nothing. Gears 5 has registered the amount of XP or whatever collectibles you have earned but with the encumbered servers and services, is unable to display them. In other words, progression has only been delayed and with a stability patch, you should see your stats get updated pronto.

In the last day or two, many players have gone through multiplayer matches and challenges without receiving any XP at all. Similarly, those going through the campaign have noticed that each chapter displays an incorrect amount of collectibles found. There’s nothing to do here except to wait. Once the back-end has been fully restored, the number of registered collectibles should go back to their actual amount. The case of the lost XP though is a bit concerning.

Despite the technical issues, Gears 5 is a phenomenal offering from The Coalition. The new installment supports both cross-play and cross-save, which are enabled by default on Xbox One. Hence, console owners will need to manually opt out if they don’t want to match against PC players in ranked matches.

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