Northgard Nintendo Switch Is The Same As Other Platforms Despite Difficulties

Northgard is an RTS indie game that blew us away on PC when it came to Steam. Developers are now working on its launch on Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox One. In less than 24 hours, the game will release on all three aforementioned platforms.

According to Northgard developer Shiro Games, while it was hard to port the game on Nintendo Switch, it made sure the experience is consistent across the platforms.

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Developing on Nintendo Switch was definitely a challenge! The porting of RTS game control from Keyboard and Mouse to a Gamepad was already difficult, but for the Switch, we had to be sure the game would be clear enough despite the smaller screen! From another point of view, Nintendo was very eager to promote the game, inviting us onto their own booth at Gamescom, and selecting Northgard for their Indie Game selection in August! We’re really grateful for their help

When asked if there is any reason we should choose the Nintendo Switch version of Northgard over PS4 and Xbox One, Shiro Games said:

Well, the game will be available a bit earlier on Switch! Other than that, there isn’t a lot of differences between the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One version. You are getting the same experience regardless of which platform you play. We made sure that the controls and user interface have been updated for the console version, allowing each player to jump in and get busy without any delay.

When Northgard comes out tomorrow it will feature all of the same content we had to PC including Ragnarok and Relics updates. There are six clans, a massive campaign mode, coop and competitive online play across multiple maps including the end of times themed Ragnarok. Players can also dabble in ranked matches.

Playing with a controller is going to be as seamless as a mouse and keyword. A lot of effort went into making sure controls are as smooth as possible. Starting September 26, Northgard will be available through Nintendo eShop for Switch, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live Marketplace. Merge Games is distributing physical versions at retail.

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