No PlayStation Plus Games For PS3 And PS Vita Starting March 2019

Well, Sony has announced that PlayStation Plus will stop offering PS3 and Vita games by March 2019. Seems like yesterday PS3 and Vita was released, how time has gone by. With the rising popularity of the present generation consoles, it was bound to happen.

So you can prepare yourself if you are a PS3 or Vita user that very soon these consoles will be becoming a thing of the past. For now, though you guys still have time and need not worry because they have confirmed that this won’t affect any game that you have already downloaded, or will be downloaded prior to March 8, 2019. Those downloaded games will remain the part of your PS Plus games library as long as you remain a member.

So the only change that will take place is that no new PS3 or PS Vita games will be added to the PS Plus monthly games lineup.

Talking about free games, PS Plus March free games line up offers Bloodborne and Ratchet & Clank as well.

With all that said it seems like Sony will be now more focused on the PS4 platform as according to PS network official blog, there is are vast numbers of PS4s in homes around the world. They have been considering that for some time now and have said that they will continue prioritizing the benefits you receive through your PlayStation Plus membership.

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There are a total of 39 games some of which are; Catherine, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F, Hitman: Silent Assassin, Hotline Miami, Metal Slug 3, The Revenge of Shinobi, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Are you a PS3 or PS Vita user? What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments below.