There are “No Plans” for Bloodborne PC Version, Says Developer

From Software has responded to recent rumors of a PC version of Bloodborne, stating that no such release is being planned.

The response comes just days after Amazon France put up a listing for Bloodborne on Windows 7 and 8, giving credence to speculation that the action role-playing game would no longer stay PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The game’s Product Manager That Kid Chris, took to Twitter earlier today to clarify the situation: “For those asking, Bloodborne is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and there are no plans for a PC version.”

In related news, folks who probably had too much time on their hands started a petition on to get the game on PC, saying that From Software “betrayed” the PC community after releasing the last two games on Windows platform. Unfortunately for the PC crowd, it doesn’t look like that Sony will be letting this game go that easily.

Currently a patch is being worked on for the game that will bring overall stability for online features, as well as reducing loading times.

Bloodborne was released earlier this week to amazing reviews. The game is currently boasting an average review score of around 9 – if you’ll take into the reviews from all major publications. This makes it the first title on the console to be actually excited about.

Source That Kid Chris (Twitter)

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