No More Nintendo Retro Consoles, Says Doug Bowser

Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser has come out and said in a recent interview that, among other things, we likely won’t be seeing any more Nintendo retro consoles for a while. His reasoning was because most of the games on offer in them are available on Nintendo Switch Online.

Nintendo launched the mini-retro gaming platform market back in 2017 when they first launched the SNES Mini to an unforeseen degree of success. They would later create the NES Mini as well. Both consoles were miniaturized versions of the SNES and NES consoles that also came with a set number of games.

This also allowed some Nintendo players to be a part of history, as one of the consoles had gotten Star Fox 2 installed in it, a game that had, until that point, never been released. Of course, that was before Nintendo Switch Online.

The Nintendo Switch Online service does away with the need for Nintendo retro consoles, as in addition to all of Nintendo’s Nintendo Switch games, it also allows a large number of retro games to be available for Nintendo Switch players.

Bowser’s other reason for why there wouldn’t be any more retro plug-and-play consoles coming out in the future is because right now Nintendo’s main focus is on the Nintendo Switch and its cousin, the Nintendo Switch Lite.

With so many highly successful games coming to the Nintendo Switch recently, including Platinum Games’s Astral Chain, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age, and Super Smash Bros Ultimate, it’s not that hard to understand that Nintendo would want to focus there instead.

The Nintendo retro consoles were all highly popular in their own right, so popular in fact that Nintendo consistently faced supply difficulties when faced with the demand, but with all of the games on those consoles now part of Nintendo Switch Online, hopefully that won’t happen again.