Is This No Man’s Sky Xbox One Release Date?

Recently in March, 505 Games and Hello Games announced that they will be bringing No Man’s Sky to the Xbox One at retail stores worldwide which was previously exclusive to PS4 and PC.

We don’t have an official release date for the game on Xbox One but according to an updated list on Amazon Italy, which has listed that the game will launch on June 29th for Xbox One. This isn’t just a random leak with a date the page actually shows the full artwork and everything preparing you for the pre-order.

We are not sure about the date but it seems it is authentic and might release on June 29, we have few reasons for that. First of all June 29 doesn’t look like a standard end of the month that we commonly see and the date happens to be Friday, most games release on Tuesdays or Fridays so it doesn’t look like an error made by Amazon Italy.

This leak is pretty promising but not doesn’t mean that everyone should get their hopes high right now until something is confirmed or was it all an error made by Amazon Italy.

The No Man’s Sky version for the Xbox was announced in March with a summer release window. The game will include HDR and 4k support for the Xbox One X.

It will be quite interesting to see how people will react to the No Man’s Sky on Xbox because, after the game’s launch on PS4 and PC, the game faced so much criticism and was considered a disappointment by many. Sean Murray the game director was even blamed for misleading people about the features of the game.

Other than that No Man’s Sky is getting a huge update called Next this summer which will be adding more features to the game and also the rumoured Virtual Reality support. The Update is free and will be available on day one for the Xbox players.

According to the leaks we expect the release date of No Man’s Sky on Xbox One to be June 29.

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