No Man’s Sky PS4 Street Date Appears To Have Been Broken

Looks like No Man's Sky's street date might have been broken as redditor shares image of a PS4 copy of the game he acquired through a local store

It seems like the street date has already been broken judging by this image of an early copy of No Man’s Sky. The image was shared on reddit by user Defnotoo a few hours ago and shows him holding the copy of the game in his hand. Judging by the title of the post, Defnotoo had to bribe a clerk at the store where he bought it from so not everyone might be lucky enough to get their hands on the game just yet.

Defnotoo however didn’t provide any other proof regarding the authenticity of the image, something which he was called out on by other users (not that it’s any surprise on the internet). The image only showed the box of the game’s PS4 copy, no purchase receipt or actual game disc.

The condition of the box also seems to suggest it may not exactly be a brand new copy and could have easily been a printed image of the game inserted into some old PS4 game case.

That being said, it wouldn’t really be a surprise if the game actually did break street date. Such occurrences are not uncommon when it comes to physical console discs (something the digital copies are safe from through encryption)

Whether it was a hefty bribe or the clerk was just too eager to share the game with the world is unclear.

Given that No Man’s Sky, after numerous delays which only further fueled the hype, is one of the most anticipated titles of this year, more stores breaking street date as the launch approaches is expected to become very common.


No Man’s Sky, developed by Hello Games is set to launch on PS4 on August 9th and August 12th on PC. The game boasts endless replayability and adventures through its procedurally generated world which ends up creating quintillions of planets for players to explore.

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