No Man’s Sky Sales Dropped 81% Since Release – Kodos to Hello Games!

No Man’s Sky released earlier this year and after the initial rush of sales its growth has tanked. According to the recent report from GfK Chart-Track, No Man’s Sky sales dropped 81% since release.

Its drop allowed the recently released F1 game to take the top spot.

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F1 2016’ launches straight into pole position replacing ‘No Man’s Sky’ (-81%) at No1.

Launching 5 weeks later than its predecessor, sales are down 32% on F1 2015. ‘Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (+13%) climbs up a place to No3 with promotions helping to give it a boost. There is little change in the Top 10 with a host of new releases not due out until next week. However outside the Top 10 the most notable climber is EA’s Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ (+90%), which leaps back into the Top 40 at No27.

This kind of drop isn’t really that much of surprise. The critically acclaimed Uncharted 4 dropped 76% in its second week. However, No Man’s Sky is not a critically acclaimed game nor does it managed to keep fans interested for long.

It is a game with critical design flaws and cut content, broken promises and what not. No Man’s Sky is just one of those games that couldn’t live up to the hype created around it.

It is a below average experience that is available on PC and PlayStation 4. You can head over to Steam and read users reviews before buying the game.

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