No Man’s Sky Recent Steam Reviews Are “Mostly Positive,” Hello Games’ Efforts Pay Off

No Man’s Sky got a lot of slack of the community when it came out on PS4 in 2016. The game received criticism across the board for its lack of content and false marketing. However, it seems after two years No Man’s Sky and Hello Games have finally redeemed themselves.

Numerous updates are released that made notable changes to the game. The efforts seem to be paying off as the recent Steam reviews just into “mostly positive” category. They recently touched mixed reviews earlier this month but in little over two weeks the game saw mostly positive reviews on Steam.

The most recent changes introduced to No Man’s Sky included newly opened portal stargates, new biomes, deeper trading, exocraft for advanced exploration, new modes (Survival/Permadeath/Creative), base building, new missions/story, terrain manipulation, crashed/interstellar freighters, and deeper space combat.

Players think Hello Games have finally earned the asking price, two years after the game came out. It shows how No Man’s Sky was announced very early on and it was a huge mistake. It needed more time to cook in the oven before Sony and Hello Games could release it to the public.

Here are some of the recent reviews:

I must say this game has improved a lot since it was first launched. Still has a long way to go but hopefully, with the upcoming NEXT update, it will be more and more like the game we all hoped to play. Looking forward to NEXT!

This game has come a really long way. Props to the developers for not giving up on it!

You got to hand it to this company for owning their mistakes and fixing what was wrong.

Indeed props to the developers for not giving up on the game. Unlike, EA who threw Mass Effect Andromeda aside after community backlash, Hello Games owned up to their mistakes.

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