No Man’s Sky Preorders Could Start Very Silently Tomorrow

The last we heard of No Man’s Sky was not a good news, it had been reported that the game was having issues on PS4 due to its huge scale. However, things might be looking up for the developers now since we have picked up word that No Man’s Sky preorders could be starting as soon as tomorrow!

This is not based on mere rumors, but it has also not come as an official announcement from the developers. What happened was that the official PlayStation US Blog listed the game in their preorders section with launch details suggesting that it will be “out 3/3,” referring to a March 3, 2016 launch.

We know already that Hello Games is targeting a June release for the game – given that the aforementioned issues on the PS4 are resolved. However, they are yet to give us an exact date of release.

Even if we consider that, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if No Man’s Sky preorders are started about three months before the game is scheduled to be released. What will surprise me, however, is that Sony and Hello Games would keep the preorders launch date under the wraps and then suddenly open them.

The PlayStation US Blog post in question was removed some time after it was published which is rather curious. But if you look at it from another angle, it could be that the developers are not sure if they will be able to make the cut in June for the game to be released on schedule, and may be they asked Sony to hold back on starting the preorders.

No Man's Sky preorders

Whenever No Man’s Sky preorders go live, are you going to bet your $60 on it before knowing what is in store? Let us know in the comments section below.

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