No Man’s Sky Patch 3.15 Brings Small Graphical Updates For Xbox, PS5

No Man's Sky patch 3.15 has given out small graphical updates for the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5along with some other changes.

Hello Games has released No Man’s Sky patch 3.15, bringing with it a handful of various adjustments. In particular, the new patch should help the game be able to run better on the Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5. The patch also brings in stability improvements for the PC version.

That in particular, the PC stability improvements, are the first of the various adjustments made in the patch. Other adjustments include fixing rendering and performance issues with the Playstation VR while playing the game on Playstation 5 (which the game has been compatible with for a while now.)

The patch has also fixed a rendering-related crash issue on the Playstation 5, and has now activated the improved ultra settings in the high quality mode on the Xbox Series X. The Playstation 5 has also been optimized by improving loading times and optimizing the game’s PS5 install size.

No Man’s Sky has been experiencing another resurgence lately after the game was not only announced to be coming to next-gen (or rather, current-gen) consoles, but also would be getting Playstation VR support, opening up a whole new way for people to play the game.

No Man’s Sky patch 3.15 is only the most recent improvement made to the game, which has grown leaps and bounds past its controversial release back in 2016. A great deal of released content has helped the game recover a formerly rock-bottom reputation, finally truly allowing players to explore a galaxy shared by others.

While this new update doesn’t add anything substantial, it’s still a good way to start getting into the game’s life on next-gen consoles by upping the graphics to take full advantage of the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5’s power.

You can find the patch notes for No Man’s Sky patch 3.15 by following this link to Hello Games’s official site.

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