No Man’s Sky NEXT Technology Modules Guide – How To Get, Enhancing Items

Along with a new multiplayer mode titled NEXT for No Man’s Sky, there has been a tonne of new features in a free update for the game. One of these is how crafting works better with the idea of Technology Modules. See how you can up your crafting game with our No Man’s Sky NEXT Technology Modules below.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Technology Modules

These rare items let you enhance the materials you already have and craft new ones which play a role in your survival. These technological advantages will help you build a better ship and upgrade your exo-suit. How this works is you take these Tech Modules and use them to construct blueprints for base using the Blueprint Analyzer.

The most convenient and easy-to-come-by way of acquiring Technology Modules is through dismantling Obsolete Technology which is basically a fancy term for all the items that have been lying in your inventory for a while now without being of much use. Each Obsolete tech awards you with three Tech Modules.

This method will favor the old players since they will already have many items in their inventory marked Obsolete Tech.

Alternatively, you can just purchase these at a Space Station or Trade Outpost but do note that these are quite expensive (60,000 units a piece) and so this is not the most effective or consistent way of acquiring Technology Modules.

You can even try your luck by purchasing tech upgrades from merchants which have a chance of awarding you Tech Modules if you dismantle them.

Lastly, a Terrain Manipulator will help you scan the planet’s surface in detail so you can dig these Tech Modules from deep underground where they lie in chests. Although this info was first received from the patch notes, players have only been able to find Salvaged Technology so far. Maybe we will eventually get there, eh?

This is all we have in our No Man’s Sky NEXT Technology Modules Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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