No Man’s Sky NEXT Portable Refiner Guide – Crafting Tips, How To Get, Convert Raw Materials

With the recently launched multiplayer add-on for No Man’s Sky, fans have been treated to new opportunities along with the inclusion of exciting new features. One of these is the Portable Refiner which will play a big role in crafting useful items for survival on a planet. Read below for how to exactly use No Man’s Sky NEXT Portable Refiner.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Portable Refiner

The Refiner is an equipment that lets you turn raw material and seemingly useless goods to processed and rare material which would be essential to your survival. The gadget can purify items and would allow you to create more structures be they related to buildings or general commodities.

Getting the Portable Refiner as a newcomer is easy as you will be able to acquire it because a mission that gets triggered when you have to repair your ship. You will be required to form Pure Ferrite which would only be possible with a Refiner. Otherwise, for returning players, they will already have the equipment in their inventory.

A Refiner can be placed at any given location by opening up the Build tab and choosing it from there. Once you meet the prerequisites of x30 Oxygen and x1 Metal Plating which can be formed from x50 Ferrite, you will be able to successfully put up a Refiner.

Red Oxygen Crystals can be found on the planet’s surface and likewise, Ferrite can be mined from the surface too.

Now, proceed and interact with the equipment to send it to Maintenance Mode. After this, you will need to feed it some fuel using either a Fuel Inverter or radioactive isotopes of Carbon, Phosphorus, or Oxygen.

Carbon is easier to get as you can destroy plant life around the planets to get the resource. Now you can safely put in common items and form special and rare ones out of them.

Regarding which materials can be enhanced and improved using the machine, we have compiled a list of some of the more common and essential ones that you will be coming across in the galaxy.

Take these as examples and continue to freely mix and match to craft more powerful and useful items. Do note that you can carry out the reverse process as well i.e. breaking down processed goods to form their components or contributing raw materials:

  • Silver (Processed) from Aronium (Raw)
  • Mordite (Processed) from Coprite (Raw)
  • Chloride Lattace (Processed) from Chlorine
  • Sodium Nitrate (Processed) from Sodium (Raw)
  • Superoxide Crystal (Processed) from Oxygen (Raw)
  • Di-hydrogen Jelly (Processed) from Di-hydrogen (Raw)
  • Magnetised Ferrite (Processed) from Pure Ferrite (Raw)
  • Ionised Cobalt (Processed) from Cobalt (Raw) or TetraCobalt.
  • Pure Ferrite (Processed) from Ferrite Dust (Raw) or Magnetised Ferrite.
  • Chromatic Metal (Processed) from Copper (Raw) or Cadmium or Emeril or Indium
  • Ferrite Dust (Processed) from Dioxite (Raw) or Paraffinium or Pyrite or Rusted Metal
  • Condensed Carbon (Processed) from Frost Crystal (Raw) / Fungal Mould / Gamma Root / Marrow Bulb / Oxygen / Star Bulb.

This is all we have in our No Man’s Sky NEXT Portable Refiner Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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