No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer Guide – Game Modes, How To Join Friends, GOG Online (Multiplayer Tips)

The full implementation of multiplayer is by far the biggest feature that is bought to No Man’s Sky as a part of the NEXT update. Finally, you are able to join a lobby with up to 3 of your friends to travel across space together. This No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer Guide will show you how to do that. Our No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer Guide will tell you about how to access the multiplayer features that come as a part of the NEXT update and how to use them in one of the four game modes.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer

The multiplayer is not available in GOG Free-DRM version of the game as of yet but there are plans to integrate it into the game at a later point. That said, those who have the Steam-version will be able to access it right now. There is no set date for when the GOG version will have multiplayer but it is expected to release sometime later this year.

As of right now, there is no press release on whether or not you can run into other players while playing the game as a party. We cannot be sure of this because the size of the game world is massive. However, it seems that integrated servers between varying parties are not a feature. If it turns out this is not the case, then we will update this guide with the info.

How to Join Multiplayer

In order to host a game for your friends to join, you will need to select a save file at the start of the game to launch it. After that, your friends will spawn by close to you. All they need to do is to use the interface of their devices such as Steam or Playstation UI to join your game.

As for the people who are trying to join the game, they need to choose the option to Join Game from the main menu. After that, a menu will load up which will have all of the games that you can join with your friends. You will also be able to join random lobbies to meet new people while you play the game, although previous online experience tells me that this is not a good idea.

Choose a save file after you have selected a friend of yours to join. This will allow you to bring the save file from one of your own games and all of the stuff that you have with you to that particular game. The game mode does need to be the same, so make sure you have coordinated with your friends on which game mode you plan on using.

Although there is the feature of having up to 16 players in a single game at once. You will only be able to see the avatars of 4 other players and the rest will appear as floating orbs within the universe. Something that No Man’s Sky players will be well acquainted with.

As for what to do when you have formed a party there is the option for you and your friends to attempt missions which are specifically geared towards the multiplayer community. Apart from that, you can do all that was possible in the original single player version but with friends.

That is all we have for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Multiplayer Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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