No Man’s Sky NEXT Money Farming Guide – How To Earn Millions, Units Farming

Money is important in almost every game that has it. However, the new NEXT update that came in to No Man’s Sky has finally introduced advanced base building into the game and money now is more important than it was ever before. For that reason, you will need this No Man’s Sky NEXT Money Farming Guide. Our No Man’s Sky NEXT Money Farming Guide will tell you about a trick which will allow you to farm money at a much faster rate than you would be by simply trying to earn it through farming.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Money Farming

There is no longer a need for you to mindlessly try to farm the resources whenever you want to add a section or upgrade something in your base. This trick will allow you to easily be able to farm money at a rate which is much, much faster than anything else in the game is.

Let us go ahead and take a look at how you can make millions of units in a few minutes. It may seem like it is impossible but just wait and watch.

Money Farming Trick

The first thing that you need to do is to locate an abandoned factory. You can do this by taking a signal booster and finding an abandoned building to see if it is a factory. You can also get directions from someone at one of the hubs. What you are looking for is a manufacturing facility. Once you are there, you need to find a cryo-pump and a blueprint for it.

Finding a cryo-pump blueprint is going to be difficult. At the facility, blow the door open and defeat all of the enemies who come in to attack you.

Once inside the facility, you will need to solve some kind of puzzle to get the cryo-pump blueprints. Of course, you may not always get the blueprint so this is going to be a grind. Keep on trying to find the blueprints by repeating the process that has been outlined above.

Once you have the cryo-pump, go back to the space station and try to locate the Hot Ice and Thermic Condensate. Once you have that, the process is not that difficult. You will be surprised by how easy it is to make money once you have the blueprint for the cryo-pump.

At the space station, simply wait for the ships to show up and buy Hot Ice along with Thermic Condensate. Remember that the more money that you invest, the bigger the return will be. The stuff is not even that expensive so most of the players will be able to buy a decent quantity of it.

Once you have the materials, go and craft the cryo-pump. Craft as many as you can. Once you have crafted it, you can sell each cryo-pump for over 1.5 million. It is best to stop if the price drops below 1.5 million. Keep on repeating this process and it will only take a few minutes until you are easily earning around 4-10 million units every 10 minutes or so.

A new ship arrives every 3-5 minutes so just stay on the station and keep on making the cryo-pumps before selling them for a massive profit. Remember that this will be patched quite soon so try to milk this method as much as you can.

That is all we have for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Money Farming Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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