No Man’s Sky NEXT Freighter Guide – How To Get A Freighter

Freighters have been in the game for quite a lot of time. However, they were worth quite a lot of money which made it quite impossible for many people to get them. However, one of the new things in the NEXT update is that you can get Freighters quite easily, and this No Man’s Sky NEXT Freighter Guide will tell you how. Our No Man’s Sky NEXT Freighter Guide will tell you how to easily get a Freighter when going about in the new NEXT update for No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Freighter

As you will know, Freighters are massive vessels that can be used to act as a command post throughout space. Its portability is very important and the fact that you can store multiple ships on a single Freighter means that you absolutely need to have one if you want to advance in the game.

You can also use the Freighters to have the additional ships do some missions and further advance your progress. Getting Freighters is much easier now than it was before the update as all you need to do is to help a ship that is being attacked. Let us go ahead and look at how to do that.

How to Get a Freighter?

Since full multiplayer has been added into the game along with a very well developed base building system, it makes sense to have a way which can help you get a Freighter for yourself in a much easier fashion than the previous one which had you work endlessly to raise enough money for it.

Now, the process is a little easier even though it does require you to get a little bit lucky. As you will now be able to warp from one planet to the other, you need to keep on doing that until you come to a Freighter that is under attack from many ships.

Since the game has a procedurally generated world, we cannot tell you where exactly you will find a Freighter that is being attacked.

Keep on going around the universe until you see a Freighter that you need, and then defend it from the ships that are attacking it. If you are able to defend it from the onslaught (it will not be easy since you will be facing between 4 to 8 different enemy ships), the captain of the Freighter will invite you to his Freighter and then give you the Freighter as a reward.

Remember to always be on the lookout whenever you switch between planets so that you can get your hands on a Freighter as soon as possible. You will also have extendable base building options when you get a Freighter, so be ready for some nice surprises in this new update.

That is all we have for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Freighter Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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