No Man’s Sky NEXT Chromatic Metal Guide – How To Craft, Antimatter, Base Building

With such an emphasis on survival and coping mechanisms in the game, No Man’s Sky NEXT update brings in even more tools to toy with and a plethora of materials with varying uses. One of these, the Chromatic Metal resource, has a bunch of functions which will prove to be essential when it comes to gameplay. Read down below for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Chromatic Metal Guide on how to get and utilize the resource.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Chromatic Metal

When it comes to base building, the Chromatic Metal is one of the main resources that go into the construction of the many infrastructures. Additionally, it comes in handy when creating Antimatter. Eventually, you are going to need it to strengthen your chances of survival.

Chromatic Metal is a processed material, so you will not just be coming across it. You will need one of the new machinery which goes by the name Portable Refiner. Our guide details the methods on how to acquire and power it.

You need to feed some fuel to the Portable Refiner and it will let you turn raw materials into more useful processed goods. Once you have it, you need to find some Copper or some other element from the surface to use it for crafting the Chromatic Metal.

A Terrain Manipulator which you will acquire completing the Story Mode will let you scan a planet’s surface for getting raw elements of Copper, Cadmium, Emeril, or Indium. Head to the location of the deposits of either of these metals and mine them. Feed one of these materials into the Portable Refiner after you have powered it with a fuel and you will be able to form Chromatic Metal.

Note that out of the given raw materials, Copper will be the most common and abundant resource, so you can farm it. However, the rarer metals like Cadmium and Indium will lead to more quantities of Chromatic Metal produced. The Terrain Manipulator will need Pure Ferrite from the Portable Refiner so make sure to keep manufacturing it.

This is all we have in our No Man’s Sky NEXT Chromatic Metal Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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