No Man’s Sky NEXT Beginners Guide – Portable Refiner, Base Building, Chromatic Metal, Starting Out

No Man’s Sky is a game long presumed to be dead with minimal content, polarizing features, and broken promises; the new patch is finally here and it brings many opportunities in the form of a new mode, a distinct visual outlook, and a tonne of new features. We discuss what is new in the NEXT upgrade for No Man’s Sky, how you can tackle these challenges, and why both newcomers and returning veterans should be thrilled in our No Man’s Sky NEXT Beginners Guide.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Beginners Guide

First, No Man’s Sky puts the connectivity and interaction in the game that was promised even before launch. The possibility of coming across other players in the vast galaxy proved to be a hoax but since the new patch, the developers have put a Multiplayer Mode in the game.

This will allow you to take on unique adventures with friends or total strangers. Be it throughout the story or just plain fun space battles, your friends can join you anywhere in the game. There has also been new customization system so you can make your avatar just how you desire.

New Features

Now we all know No Man’s Sky is a game about sustenance and survival with unique materials and resources scattered across different planets. With the NEXT patch, there have been even more ways to improve your tech through Technology Modules.

The new Portable Refiner lets you craft essential processed goods which you can use for the base building. Lastly, the Ancient Keys are a new feature that let you earn some decent units and make the whole experience more rewarding and fun.

On the graphics side, the game has received some visual improvements including shorter loading times, greater drawing distances and improved lighting. Moreover, the ground, air, and sea textures have been majorly improved as well to make the game as stunning as ever.

Additionally, a first-person mode is now also supported to give a more personal perspective on your adventure. On controllers, press the down key on the D-pad to go into Utilities and change the camera perspective there. On PC, it is the X key by default.

Building and exploration is now even more fluid with tools like the Terrain Manipulator which lets you scan surfaces for resources and alter the slopes or shapes to best suit the terrain for your base. More blueprints now lie in each world and they award you with technological advantages.

Starting Out

First off, if you are not so into other players raiding your bases or stealing hours of your hard work, then maybe you would want to keep the game offline at all times. For solo play, go to the Network and Voice tab in the options menu. From here, turn off the Network Play to disable the online multiplayer aspects of the game.

When you first step into the game, you will be low on resources, will have low stats when it comes to defense, and will have your Scanner in a bad shape. Since you need to constantly move, navigate and my resources, you will first need to repair your scanner before you can do anything else.

Use your surrounding environment to mine rocks to get Ferrite Dust. This will be the main resource that you use for powering up your scanner. The Mining Laser which can overheat and even lose power whereby you will need some carbon-based fuel for it to function again carries out mining. A good way to gather carbon is by mining nearby plants.

Do note though, each planet has some Sentinels, some more aggressive than others, who will not take it kindly if you start destroying their planet by taking their resources one by one.

Try to avoid their line of sight and a detection area, also never attack them first. You can check their level of aggression in the Discoveries menu where you will get to know every bit of info about the planet you are on including the inhabitants there.

If you cannot seem to get out of your rough situation like if you are having a hard time gathering resources or avoid enemies, you may want to start a new game. This will put you on a different planet in different circumstances as your starting location is selected randomly.

To improve the scanner with the visor option, craft enough carbon nanotubes in the Craft Product section to equip the visor in the multi-tool menu.

This will let you view surfaces in more detail and give you more the precise location of your ship which we will discuss later below. Furthermore, you receive credits for when you search a surface in granular detail with the visor.

To improve your hazard shield which is vital for your survival, collect Sodium from the surrounding environment as will be prompted later on. Use it from the Exosuit tab to boost replenish your hazard shield. Alternatively, you can take shelter in your ship or a secure place. Also, look for ingredients to replenish your oxygen and life support gel resources.

At your ship, an autosave will occur which will means you should avoid any experimentation or dare to attempt something risky before a save point.

When it comes to your ship, you will need to repair it early on. This means you need more Metal Plating, the Ferrite we talked about earlier from rocks, to repair one part of the Pulse Engine for your ship, with the other being repaired because of a hermetic seal that you grab from the designated location. Not long after, you will need some resources of Ferrite to build the signal booster which you can use to broadcast data.

For repair of thrusters for the ship, you will need some Pure Ferrite along with some Di-hydrogen jelly which you can craft in your inventory after you have collected di-hydrogen resources from the environment with the help of your scanner. Pure ferrite is a processed material that can be formed from Ferrite Dust via the Portable Refiner.

Now you will be able to successfully repair your ship and traverse the skies thanks to the pulse drive feature that lets you travel at high speeds between planets.

A World that is yours to Explore

Now, venture out into the unknown. You can choose to follow the quest or sidetrack and explore the world completely on your own. It is useful, though, to keep a few things in mind. Firstly, you can scan within the ship as well to reveal some info about planets and starbases where you can find traders and vendors for many resources and dealings in credits.

Exploration is made better with the use of the Terrain Manipulator which you will receive soon after repairing your ship. This will let you scan environments quicker and even level the terrain in a way that suits your desires.

To keep your resources stored in a secure spot, build bases with the help of the base computer that can be crafted with the help of Chromatic Metal which can be refined from normal Copper from the planet’s surface. Use the Portable Refiner for this purpose as well. Once the base computer is crafted, interact with it from the Build interface and this is how you will build all sorts of structures.

General Tips and Tricks

You can carry out a boost in your movement. This is done by pressing the melee button while you are using your jetpack to cover the distance. This will become your ideal way to travel on foot.

When using the Mining Laser or other tools for beams of heat, stop right before the bar reaches its maximum and overheats. This will reset the bar and you do not have to wait for it to cooldown.

Finally, you can ascend high walls and get out of ditches by a vertical movement thanks to your jetpack. Moreover, this will not cause you any fuel so utilize it to get over obstacles easily and reach places more conveniently.

That’s it for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Beginners Guide. If you have any further queries or confusion, comment down below!

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