No Man’s Sky NEXT Base Building Guide – How To Build, How To Claim, Building Tips

One of the major improvements that have come to No Man’s Sky as a part of the NEXT update is the advanced Base Building System. This really allows players or teams to set up their home bases in planets and truly claim the planets for themselves. Use this No Man’s Sky NEXT Base Building Guide to figure out how to do that. Our No Man’s Sky NEXT Base Building Guide will tell you how to access the base building features in the game as well as how to utilize them to start building your base.

No Man’s Sky NEXT Base Building

The base building originally came on as a part of the Foundation Update. However, there was not a lot of things that you could do which left players wanting more.

There have been few minor updates to the system prior to NEXT but this is when the system is fully functional and gives players the options for building their bases in the same way as other survival games such as RUST. Base building is available in all 4 of the modes as of now, so let us go ahead and see how to use the new advanced features of the system.

How to Build Bases?

Before the NEXT update, you could only make your bases in certain locations marked by the game. Now, you cannot only build a base wherever you want.

Moreover, there is no longer a limit imposed on a player to only have one base in the game at a time, so it is possible for you to have multiple bases across the face of the galaxy to assist you with your quests in the game.

How to Claim a Base?

Claiming a base is important in the game since what it does is makes the land around and inside of the base yours. This will ensure that other players are not able to make a base near yours and they will not be able to damage your base either. It also means that players who have built a base will easily be able to return to it since it will be marked for them.

There are no longer any prebuilt blocks upon which you have to expand your base. Now, you can build it from scratch and you have total control over how your base looks. You will also be able to unlock many different pieces along your journey to assist you with making your base more complex and more useful.

Claim your base after you have progressed through the storyline a little bit. You will come upon a planet which allows you to get building plans for a base computer. You will need some rare materials like Chromatic Metal in order to build a base.

Building Your Base

Once you have found the Chromatic Metal and built a computer, you will be able to settle down in a base. Try to make a base on a piece of land that is not difficult in any way. Choose a good spot because once you have claimed the area, you will not be able to change it.

Once you have the land claimed, you can press Z to open up your building menu. Here, you will have all of the different kinds of items that are at your disposal at the current moment.

You can try out various different combinations to see what works best. Remember that base building requires many resources so unless you have a massive store somewhere, there will be a lot of farming for you to do.

It is best to go for something simple at the start to acquaint yourself with the mechanics of the process. A 3×3 base is perfect for a beginner as it does not require a lot of resource gathering and yet provides enough utility for most players.

You can add many features to your base including Storage Containers, Terminus Teleporter, and NPC employees which will help you in your quest to expand the base and progress farther in the game.

You will also be able to share your base with other players by activating a terminal inside your base.

That is all we have for our No Man’s Sky NEXT Base Building Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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