No Man’s Sky Still Has A Lot More “Content & Features” Inbound

Following numerous updates and improvements, developer Hello Games is still not done with expanding the seemingly never-ending galaxy of No Man’s Sky.

Speaking with IGN in a recent interview, chief and creator Sean Murray stated that each update inspires Hello Games to come up with new and innovative ideas for the game. There exists a long list of things which the developer would love to roll out for No Man’s Sky down the road and hence, development has in no way reached its finish line, at least not yet.

“…as many updates as we have done since launch and as many bucket list items we have checked off, our list of things we are excited about never seems to get any shorter,” said Murray. “The teams are always coming up with new things that they want to do with the game: new content and features and areas for improvement.”

Hello Games though will be keeping the items on that list close to its heart, and will presumably only show them off once they are ready and working.

“We tend not to talk about what’s on that list publicly but suffice to say we are not done yet by a long shot,” said Murray, which is a lesson learned from the controversial release of the game. No Man’s Sky had set exaggerated expectations before its release, which naturally left players disappointed once they realized that a lot of the promised features were not there.

That however was history. No Man’s Sky has risen from the ashes as a story of redemption. The game has received a total of 19 updates to date, the new Sentinel update being the latest one and which went live earlier today to overhaul the combat system with new weapons and new enemies to try them on.

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