No Man’s Sky Just Had 40,000 Concurrent Players, Did You Try It Again?

After a lot of criticism and disappointments, No Man's Sky is finally getting filled with players as it just had 40,000 concurrent players online.

There was a lot of hype for No Man’s Sky back in 2016 but it turned out to be a disaster for the developers and rarely anyone liked it due to the lack of content and misleading marketing. Many players never returned to the game but now it seems to change with the release of the most recent Next expansion.

No Man’s Sky had 40,000 concurrent players on Steam just a day ago which is not any closer to those 200 thousand people at launch. Though 40,000 concurrent players are still double than that of the previous Atlas Rises update in 2017 which drew 20,000 concurrent players.

No Man’s Sky is selling well this week with many positive responses which is a step in right direction and it’s finally the time you will find more players to play with. We don’t know if these are new players or the ones who have returned to check the new features of the game by forgiving Hello games.

Next update is the biggest update as it brings the most awaited feature that is multiplayer. Multiplayer was originally announced to be a part of the game at launch but it never happened.

No Man’s Sky is now finally also available on Xbox One for $50 with the Next update so you can try it out too if you want to know what this hype is for.

Now you can finally see your friends in the game in the multiplayer mode, so if you build a base it can be seen by your friends and likewise. You can now even share your creations of bases with friends.

The universe of the game has also got a makeover which means everything will look better, richer and more varied. Portals are now available to allow you to fast travel in case you don’t like traveling in your starship and a lot more.

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