No Man’s Sky Ground Vehicle May Be Coming In Future Update

Now that No Man’s Sky has finally started getting new updates with the “Foundation” update, there’s a possibility according to leaked data files that a No Man’s Sky ground vehicle will be coming in a future update, allowing players to travel around the surface of planets in a faster way than on foot.

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Considering that No Man’s Sky is a game about exploration, with a lot of planets to explore not just through space but on the planets themselves, it’s reasonable to expect that eventually a vehicle would be implemented to make the terrestrial part more bearable. Right now, the only method of exploring planets short of flying over the landscape in your ship is on foot, and considering some of the planets have hostile environments, it’s likely that the No Man’s Sky ground vehicle will be a safer and faster way to explore the planet.

It’s likely that this vehicle will also require fuel, though hopefully it will run off the same refueling system as your ship so that you don’t have to worry about gathering even more minerals in your inventory to convert into gas for both of them, or at least that it can run off of easily-refillable cells that can run on things found on any random planet you set down on.

While there’s no real telling when exactly this new No Man’s Sky ground vehicle will be coming out, hopefully the Foundation update and this leak (if it’s true) heralds a rapid-fire series of updates from Hello Games, and will help to make up for lost time when it comes to making sure that No Man’s Sky will be close to everything they promised, and maybe even more.

In the meantime, players can now finally start building bases with the No Man’s Sky Foundation update, so if you haven’t given up on the game, get back out there and see how it’s changed.