No Man’s Sky Giveaway: Subscribe to Win 3 Copies of the Game

UPDATE: Maria, Sam Pete, ArtisanDwarf have won a copy of No Man’s Sky. The Giveaway has ENDED!

Original Story
We are here with another free game giveaway and this time we are giving away easily one of the most talked about games of 2016. Releasing in 18 days, with our No Man’s Sky giveaway, we are giving away three copies of the procedurally generated exploration game on the platform of your choice i.e. PC and PlayStation 4.

The game is just around the corner and many of you are probably eyeing it, wondering whether to get it or not.

According to Hello Games, there are 18,446,744,073,709, 551,616 planets in the universe and if players visit each one for one second, it will take them 585 billion years to visit them all.

No Man’s Sky Giveaway for PC and PlayStation 4

Entering our No Man’s Sky giveaway is as simple as it can get!

Step #1
You simply need to subscribe to our SegmentNext YouTube Channel. You can either do this by hitting the Subscribe button embedded below or by heading over to the link!

Once you have successfully subscribed, your name will automatically be entered in the list of participants out of which we will select three lucky winners through a random draw. As for our currently subscribed viewers, their names have already been entered.

Step #2
Comment on this article, your contributing to the discussion: Will No Man’s Sky’s hype be its downfall given the huge expectations from the game?

Once you have successfully completed both steps, wait for Monday August 15, we will draw a random winner out of everyone who entered the competition.

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