No Man’s Sky Companion Apps Release Ahead of Game

Many No Man's Sky companion apps are likely going to release when the game comes out, but there's already one available on the Google Store.

No Man’s Sky isn’t supposed to release until next Tuesday and already No Man’s Sky companion apps are releasing ahead of the game. These apps are designed to help space explorers keep track of everything they’re discovering in the game, helping them to keep from getting lost in the massive galaxy that the game promises.

One of the first apps that will be coming out is called NMS Ally, which is currently only for Android but will be releasing on iOS soon. The app also allows you to share screenshots from your PS4, and also has a creature and planet name generator for everything you discover on those planets.

And that’s only the first of the No Man’s Sky companion apps that are undoubtedly going to release with the game. While NMS Ally is free, it does a very great deal of things that can help payers while they’re exploring the universe of No Man’s Sky. Other apps will likely come out that offer the same stuff, and maybe even more.

One of the last few relatively open-world games that came out was Destiny, which in addition to its own official companion app also got a number of copycats and various websites that do things like keep track of Dead Ghosts and chests.

While No Man’s Sky likely prides itself too much on exploration to put collectibles in the game (especially since that stuff would be impossible to complete considering the game world’s size) it can help some young app-makers exercise their creativity.

Other No Man’s Sky companion apps could do things like where enemies are, where cool minerals are, or what ship parts are best to use as you get to upgrade your ship more and more.


Either way, to see the full extent of the fanbase’s creativity we’ll have to just wait and see until next week, when No Man’s Sky actually releases.

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