No Man’s Sky Beyond: The Release Date Of The Free Update With Multiplayer And VR Revealed

Let’s talk again about No Man’s Sky and its new free update nicknamed Beyond. Despite the launch of the title did not shine in quality, after all the riots occurred, it seems that the Hello Games team led by Sean Murray really cares about his latest project.

In fact, from the day of the launch, we can say that the story has changed, above all thanks to the introduction of substantial updates like Foundation and NEXT.

With this latest update, Murray has promised new features including virtual reality support, multiplayer and a third yet unknown feature that could hold a big surprise for fans of the title. As mentioned by the co-founder himself, Beyond will include “three major updates in a single larger free version”.

As announced today with the new trailer released and which you can enjoy just above,  No Man’s Sky Beyond will be available to all players starting on Wednesday, August 14th. Beyond will not require registration, it will not contain micro-transactions and will be completely free for all No Man’s Sky players, both on PC and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

We also remember that the developer, after giving some advice to the big companies on problematic launches, also expressed himself about what happened with No Man’s Sky. Murray said: “We realized that a high percentage of people who spoke ill of the game did not possess it or had never played it.”  Murray admitted that it is not strange, but that in this case, the number was very high; according to his calculations, we talk about 70-80 %.

Whether this statement is true or not, the title is currently usable and fun. And what do you think? Have you ever played No Man’s Sky or are you in 70-80% of the people who rated it negatively without even trying it?

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