No Man’s Sky Beyond Creature Pellets Guide – Crafting, Taming, Tips

Our No Man's Sky Beyond Creature Pellets guide will help you in taming and riding the various alien creatures in the game universe

No Man’s Sky Beyond’s latest update is packed with a lot of interesting and fun new features. One of such perks that the new update has is the ability to tame and ride the alien creatures inhabiting the various planets. This No Man’s Sky Beyond Creature Pellets guide provides a comprehensive and simplistic view of the intricacies to making any bait in No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Creature Pellets

Essentially you need four things to tame a creature:

  • Creature Pellets
  • Faecium
  • Nutrient Processor
  • Harvestable Plants

To use the creature pellets, unlocked by default, open the inventory screen of the suit and choose a vacant place. Now go to the list below which is where the Creature pellets are. The Creature pellets are made using Carbon, twenty carbon for one granulate.

You now feed these Creature pellets to the animals who then drop Faceium. The formal name for poop, eh? Now we move on to the second step, the Nutrient Processor.

You start your way in making the nutrient processors by looking for the salvaged data. You find the salvaged data in Buried Technology Modules. Once you find these data, they show up in your Scanner and in your Analysis Visor as a two-bar Wi-Fi signal-icon. You have to collect at least 10 Salvaged Data.

After that, you will get a blueprint which will give you information on creating the Nutrient Processor. For constructing a Nutrient Processor you’ll need to build two Metal Plates, 25 Sodium and a Hermetic Seal. Cross past the Teleporter room and you’ll find a room with several vendors.


On the left side, between the Ship and Exosuit upgrades, you’ll find the Construction Research Station. Tab over to the Technology Modules tree. The Nutrient Processor is on the right side.

Once the Nutrient Processor is up and running, look for Harvestable Plants such as the Frozen Tuboids. These can be found using the analysis visor to search for a little leaf icon. After that is done, combine the collected Faceium and Harvestable Plants. This should give you Enzyme Fluid, which can, in turn, be used as a bait for the Herbivores.

Collect the Enzyme Fluid and press down on the d-pad and go to the Utilities Menu to throw out some bait. A friend should come running over and you can collect Fresh Milk or Eggs from them and, if they’re large enough, mount them and go for a ride around.

Furthermore, different Harvestable Plants can be combined to create Advanced bait, this can be used to mount and farm animals using the latest tech. The Nutrient Processor can be used to create a variety of combinations, so playing around with it could prove quite beneficial.

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