No Man’s Sky Back In The Game, Highest Numbers Of Concurrent Users Since 2016

We recently just took a look at No Man’s Sky‘s concurrent users and you would be amazed at what we noted, we too were amazed. Turns out for the last 30 days No Man’s Sky has had the highest average numbers of concurrent users since its release. Like not only the average users but it has reached its highest peak numbers of users as well.

In the month of July, it has reached the highest numbers of, 96,954 million concurrent users since it first rolled out when it had, 212,321 users. This is pretty remarkable compared to the history of this game. When the game rolled out in August it had 36,976.4 average users. Following that the numbers kept on dropping, the numbers did rise up a little to about 4,895.4 users but unfortunately, they started dropping again and never rose back up, until recently.

Based on the Steam stats, No Man’s Sky apparently had a reasonable opening but afterward, the game was almost as good as dead. All this was due to the low content in the game, when it rolled out and a lot of bugs and issues in the game. On top of that, we had false marketing to blame along with rushed development.

However, Hello Games was quick to understand the situation, learn from it and the plan that they seem to have devised appears to be effective. Hello Games started to roll out various updates as well as started to fix all the major bugs.

Which fortunately seems to have brought back a lot of users, however, the real game changer seems to be the recent Update 1.52.1 and the hotfix in the form of patch 1.52.2 which fixed an alarming bug. It appears as if the fixes, changes and the content this latest update has brought in the game will not let it die out but rather, it is the reason for the game reaching its highest numbers of users, in the first place.

Do you think No Man’s Sky is back in the competition, looking at the current user strength? Let us know what you think in the comment below.