No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Economy Guide

This No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Economy Guide will help ensure that you know what you are doing and give you valuable info. on how to adapt to the changes.

The Atlas Rises update involved a major overhaul of the economic system in No Man’s Sky. This No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Economy Guide will help ensure that you know what you are doing and give you valuable information on how to adapt to the new changes quickly.

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No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises Economy

How to Obtain an Economy Scanner
This gadget is a new addition in the recent update and it is used by traders to plan their trade routes.

This piece of equipment can be built in your tech slot on your ship but you can also place it in the Cargo. The scanner changes the colors of the systems to represent the industry present in the system.

To start building the Economy Scanner, Find a vendor which is selling the blueprint for the scanner, the price of the scanner should be around 400 nanite clusters.

After you acquire the blue print, you need 200 Thamium and 200 Heridium to build the scanner.


Once you have built the scanner, all you need to do is to open your galactic map and change the filter to the economy. The different systems should light up differentiating themselves from one another.

A unique Economy Rating is associated with every single star system in No Man’s Sky, which is irrespective of what Faction controls the system.

Different types of economy and the galactic average stats are used to sort a system’s economy. The galactic average for item selling is indicated by S, while the galactic average for purchasing items is indicated by B

Every system has one of seven economy types. The type of economy does not have any influence over the economic or S/B status of the system. The type of economy is represented by a color and an icon.

  • Orange (Pickaxe Icon) – Mining, Ore Extraction, Minerals, Prospecting. Buy Ores Cheaply Here
  • Red (Voltage Box Icon) – Power and Fuel Generation, High Voltage and Electric, Energy Supply. Various Kinds of Fuel and Isotopes are Sold Here
  • Blue/Cyan (Nanites Icon) – High Tech, Technology, Engineering, Nano-construction. These are Related to Science and Nano Construction
  • Green (Pocket Watch Icon) – Trading, Shipping, Mercantile, Commercial. Trade Goods and Various Commodities can be Sold for a Good Price Here
  • Purple (DNA Icon) – Alchemical, Metal and Ore Processing, Material Fusion. Processing Ores / Fusing Materials, Some Raw/Crafted Materials Sell Well Here
  • Yellow (Gears Icon) – Industrial, Construction, Mass Production, Manufacturing. Ores and Certain Raw Materials are Sold Well Here Since this is Used for Manufacturing
  • Dark Blue (Beaker Icon) – Scientific, Research, Mathematical, Experimental.

Trade Routes
There are usually 3-way or 4-way routed linking systems known as Trade Routes. Resources restock gradually and the price for future sales is lowered by reaching the demand of the target.

Local space stations are infamous for having terrible prices, but they have their own supply and demand in return. Planetary trade ports usually have much better prices

General Advice
The quality of ships and a number of goods sold in a particular system depends on its wealth.

It is preferable to stay in wealthy systems due to the high stats and capacity of the ships that spawn there. They are also sold much cheaper in the wealthy systems so you should be able to buy S-Class ships in these systems.

Fly around and find which systems are the best for selling certain types of items. Liquid explosives and Circuit boards often end up selling for over a million units in some specific systems.

Right now the most effective way to make money is to farm plants and combine them with ores.


The rarity of a system scales with what its wealth is. So, low wealth systems will be common while high wealth systems will be rare.

The chance to spawn S-class starships is much greater in systems with higher wealth.

Low Wealth Systems

  • Declining
  • Destitute
  • Failing
  • Fledgling
  • Low supply
  • Struggling
  • Unsuccessful
  • Unpromising

Medium Wealth Systems

  • Adequate
  • Balanced
  • Comfortable
  • Developing
  • Medium Supply
  • Promising
  • Satisfactory
  • Sustainable

High Wealth Systems

  • Advanced
  • Affluent
  • Booming
  • Flourishing
  • High Supply
  • Opulent
  • Prosperous
  • Wealthy

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