It Is Possible To Have A No-kill Watch Dogs 2 Playthrough According To Developers

In a recent Q&A session on twitter, Senior Producer Dominic Guay confirmed the possibility of a no-kill Watch Dogs 2 playthrough. When asked the questions on Twitter, Guay confirmed that players will have absolute choice over their every action and they can play the game however they want.

Unlike the original Watch Dogs, the sequel seems to be doing so much right. While the first game had stealth missions, many of them ended with players going guns blazing to kill a target. This however seems to no longer be the case if someone opts for the no-kill Watch Dogs 2 playthrough.

Guay said that the developers currently have a dedicated team member working on completing the game without shooting or killing one. This level designer continues to flag bugs and issues that might prevent such a playthrough and then the other developers fix that.

It was important to us that players are free in the style they want to play. So play stealth, play non-lethal, play guns blazing, explosive and guns, or play full hacking. It’s up to you to decide how you’re going to play

Guay also confirmed that players will not be able to complete the entire story mode in co-op as their narrative nature didn’t fit well with the co-op scenario.

It seems like the co-op mode will be an expanded version of what was present in Assassin’s Creed Unity where players could take up missions designed specifically for co-op. However, this time, there will be a lot more to do besides just a few missions.

Watch Dogs 2 is set a few years after the events of the first game. The game will feature a new protagonist, Marcus Holloway, in a new city and setting. Unlike Aiden’s story from the first game, Marcus’ seems to be purely from a DEDSEC hacktivist point of view instead of a simple revenge tale.

Players who are interested in doing so will be able to begin their no-kill Watch Dogs 2 playthrough starting November 15th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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