No, EA Did Not Delete Entire Games Library of Steamer For Anthem Alpha NDA Breach

While I am a strong critic of EA and its practices, I must report that the recent backlash the company faced for deleting a player’s entire library is not right. Soon after Anthem’s Alpha went line a streamer tried to stream the game on Twitch, a clear violation of the NDA agreement signed with EA. He lost access to his Anthem Alpha files live on Stream as he got banned from Anthem’s playtest.

Since he did not have any other games showing in his library, many thought the streamer lost his entire gaming library as a punishment for breaching the NDA. However, that is not the case at all. When you look at the stream it is pretty clear that he actually had no other games in his library to begin with. It seems he downloaded Origin only to play Anthem’s Alpha playtest.

Anthem Alpha

One look at his desktop icons shows that Origin is one of his more recent downloads. There are no game shortcuts from Origin other than the Anthem Alpha demo.

Every game featured on the desktop are from other launchers including Steam, Battle.Net, and Epic. Furthermore, if you visit the user’s Origin Profile page you can see that he doesn’t have a single achievement to his name on Origin. A clear indication that he never played any game from this account and created it solely for Anthem’s playtest.

EA didn’t take everything he owned as punishment for breaking the NDA. But since EA has a really bad reputation, it easily falls victim to unwarranted internet hatred.

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