No Apex Legends 2, Says Respawn, Setting Game Up For The Long Term

There won’t be an Apex Legends 2 if Respawn Entertainment has anything to say about it, according to a recent interview today from Executive producer Drew McCoy said that the studio was thinking about Apex Legends in the long term, rather than in terms of making a sequel in the future.

Apex Legends is Respawn’s smash hit battle royale shooter that debuted near the start of this year with almost no fanfare. However, despite this it quickly took off in popularity, becoming one of the three big battle royale games alongside Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

While it’s settled down since then, Respawn is still working on it in addition to their work on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, even the game’s popularity isn’t causing it to get a sequel. The reason for this is mainly practicality.

McCoy said that creating a new character for Apex Legends takes around a year and a half, and the studio already has a lot of stuff in the pipe, just waiting to come out. The studio is thinking years ahead at this point, and believe in Apex Legends as a live game.

No Apex Legends 2 being forthcoming is going to be good news to Titanfall fans, however, who were at first concerned that Apex Legends wasn’t the newest Titanfall game. Since Respawn had made Titanfall 2 a great game not just in its multiplayer but story as well, many were wondering if Respawn would be stuck making Apex forever or eventually doing something else.

While the announcement that Respawn is working on Fallen Order already puts paid to these rumors, the fact that Respawn won’t be stuck making Apex Legends for the rest of its existence, and is focusing on quality now rather than quantity, is a good sign for Titanfall.

You can currently play Apex Legends on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.