Nioh The Queen’s Eyes Walkthrough

Our Nioh The Queen’s Eyes walkthrough will guide you through the mission and will help you with defeating the Hundred Eyes boss at the end of the mission.

The Queen’s Eyes mission in Nioh will become available after you defeat the Yamata-no-Orochi Boss in The Demon King Revealed mission. Completing this mission is also important as the New Game+ for Nioh can only be unlocked if you complete it.

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Nioh The Queen’s Eyes

This Nioh walkthrough will guide you through the entire mission so that you can make it to Hundred Eyes boss easily and defeat him without risking much.

As the mission starts you are back in London, some time after the events of Japan. The Queen’s Eye mission starts with a cutscene and it will start in the Tower Of London.

Head to the shrine on the right and rest there then go straight to find a guard on the steps to the right. Take him out and up the stairs, you’ll find another one with a rifle.


Move ahead to the next area where you will find another patrolling guard. Defeat it and go left down the hall and open the door to the right and enter.

Go up the stairs and enter the next hallway and defeat the guard on the right and open the door and loot the small chest.

Exit the room and go right and you will come to a staircase. Take out the guard and head up the stairs and take out the armored guard ahead.

Approach the door to speak to the prisoner within and speak with him twice and he will give you a small Soulstone.

Go left and open the double doors and go straight through the room and down the stairs. Ahead to the right is a Shrine, so rest there and prepare.

Go towards the open door and take out the guard. Go back in and take a left and open the double doors.

Step out and take the ramp down and hang a sharp right to find a small chest with Tower of London Guard: Hat. Turn around and head through the doorway ahead and to the left.

Defeat the guards that you find here and head up the steps to take out the guard in repose in the right corner.

Continue to the next area and take out the enemies. Now go up the stairs on the right and keep to the right and enter the building.

Head right and go straight through the doorway to come to the spiral stairs. Take the stairs all the way up and take the right into the doorway.

You’ll find a guard standing by the edge to your right and a door on your left, take out the guard and come back open the door and clear the room then exit and take a left.

On your left there will be an enemy, take it out and go through the doorway and take the spiral stairs down.

Alchemist’s Laboratory Key
Exit at the bottom and go straight to find a Shrine, rest here and prepare yourself for the trials ahead. Go back to the spiral stairs and go down to the bottom.

Take out the enemies go straight into the doorway to the right and take the spiral stairs down. Enter the room and open the double doors to your left. You will come to a room with some tanks that are holding beasts.

In the next room, you will face off against a group of enemies that look like Edward Kelly. While these enemies are not as deadly as Edward Kelly himself but they are challenging. Defeat them and receive the Alchemist’s Laboratory Key.

Open the double doors ahead using the Alchemist’s Laboratory Key and take the steps to the left. Go to the door and trigger a cutscene and you will face the Hundred Eyes.

Hundred Eyes Boss
Hundred Eyes has multiple tentacles and uses a staff as its weapon. A fire weapon with fire element works best against this boss and try to attack him from the behind while battling it.

It would be best to take out the summoned eyes that deal projectile laser damage.

Also, be careful of the crystal projectiles since they are very powerful. Unleash your living weapon when he summons the eye lasers for the second time. Keep hitting him and he will go down.

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