Nioh The Ocean Roars Again Walkthrough

In this Nioh Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing The Ocean Roars Again and defeating the mission’s boss, Umi-Bozu.

Like all the boss fights in Nioh, Umi-Bozu boss fight is a challenging one. If you are not careful or get greedy to land even one more hit, you risk letting your hard work go to waste as Umi-Bozu can one shot you easily.

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Nioh The Ocean Roars Again

After the mission starts, pray at the Shrine and speak with the NPC. Once done, continue to follow the path and you will come across two enemies i.e. a ranged enemy and a melee enemy.

Dispose of them in any way you see fit and take the makeshift path on your right-hand side.

Continue to follow the path and you will come across a large enemy. Depending on your playstyle, you can either engage the enemy or leave him be.

After you are done with the enemy, stick to the right-hand side – near a stack of crates – and continue towards a large wooden ramp with a group of enemies.

After dealing with the enemies, head straight towards the large door ahead that has the mission’s boss named Umi-bozu. Remember you can head up the ramp and explore the area for Kodama and other collectibles but for the purpose of this walkthrough, we have avoided them all.

Now before fighting the boss, I highly recommend lighting all three bonfires in the area. I have not made any mention of these bonfires in the walkthrough but you can refer to our Bonfire Locations Guide attached above for an in-depth take on them.

The reason why I recommend lighting all three bonfires is that doing so will prevent the boss from spawning minions in the area – making the fight a whole lot easier.

Umi-Bozu Boss
Umi-Bozu is incredibly weak to Fire-damage, which is what you need to take advantage of! You can dish out the required Fire-damage in any way you want.

You can either use talismans to yield fire effect on your weapons or interact with the fire places in the arena.

When it comes to the weapon, try to find something that is quick and does not require a lot of Ki.

In the beginning of the battle, when Umi-Bozu is on a side of the area, it uses a couple of different attacks in a pattern. It not quite tough to figure out the pattern.

Basically, when it opens up its mouth, it releases a jet of water directly in front. You can dodge it by evading to either side.

It does a slam attack that can be avoided by staying a one side, between its arms. Lastly, when it dives down in the water it hurls itself over the arena to the other side. You must steer clear when this happens.

When its health drop below half, the second phase begins. It takes its place in the middle and starts doing swift body slams.

Dodge by evading at the right moment and then attacking it when it lies on the ground for a moment after the attack.

After you manage to enter the second phase of the boss battle, try to summon your Guardian Spirit for some quick damage.

In the end, stick to the strategies mentioned above and you should be good to go.

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