Nioh Spider Nest Castle Walkthrough

Famous for being one of the hardest games, Nioh has missions that will challenge the gamer in you. This guide will discuss everything to know about the Spider Nest Castle mission in Nioh, where to get the key to the Castle, and how to defeat Joro-Gumo Boss.

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Nioh Spider Nest Castle

You will start your mission in front of a shrine at which you can rest. After moving forward, you will find two enemies laying on the ground, waiting for the opportunity to attack as soon as you approach them.

Behind them will be a building which you can loot. Turn right and go up from there using the spider web. Be very careful of small spiders that can catch you off guard and can be hard to hit. Their venomous webs are dangerous but easy to dodge.

Once you drop down from the rooftop, a giant spider will appear in front of you. Defeating the spider will reward you with 1 Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment. The giant spider will open a space in the wall leading to another part of the map.

Before moving on to the next area, you can loot this area thoroughly. There will be small spiders all over, so you need to be careful. Take out the archer on the tower and loot the body.

Open the door on the left of where you encountered the spider, which will lead to a bridge. On the other side of the bridge will be a shrine where you can rest. There will also be a door that cannot be opened. Go left from there and continue forward.

Keep following the torches. You will face lots of spiders, some archers, and a Yoki. The Yoki will roll a boulder in your direction; make sure to avoid that. Once you reach the middle of the path, you will have two option to go left or right.

At this point, go right and drop down on top of the building. Drop down the crack in the roof and fight the spider in the room. From there, continue straight, and there will be a cocoon on the wall from which a spider will appear as soon as you get close.

You will receive the 2nd Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment. After fighting off the spider, open the door and head straight into the building in front of you. You will encounter a lot of Yoki and spiders inside.

On the right side of the building will be a room with a Yoki at the very end. Fight the Yoki and loot the chest in the room, giving you the key to the Castle. Run back out of the building and then leave from the big door you came through.

You will encounter another giant spider on your way. Again, turn left from there and at the end you will find a big door which opens in front of the bridge you previously crossed.

Go right from there and again go up the path you previously went, but instead of dropping onto the roof of the building, go left from there and follow the torches to the top of the hill. On the top, you will find a Yoki. Fight it and open the door using the key you retrieved.

You will find a shrine where you can rest. You can also loot the building next to the shrine blocked by crates. You can also head down the ladder, loot the area, kill a giant spider, and retrieve another Hiragumo Teakettle Fragment.

Head back to the shrine and go left from there. Head straight up the hill, and on top of the hill will be a castle. Guarding the door will be an archer who you can easily defeat.

Head into the Castle, and at the very end of the Castle will be stairs. Go up the stairs while fighting all the Yokis’ and the spider. Once you reach the top, you will find yourself in front of a door behind which lies Joro-Gumo Boss.

How to Defeat Joro-Gumo in Spider Nest Castle

Defeating this giant spider-like creature is not tricky once you understand the trick. Joro-Gumo has a big glowing target at the back of its body. You need to strike it to deal maximum damage.

Joro-Gumo also has paralytic attacks in its arsenal and normal swipes and slash attacks. Be sure to keep an anti-paralytic needle handy in case you get paralyzed. Dodge as many of its attacks as possible and use every opportunity to attack.

Finally, the gargantuan spider will curl up to protect itself, and this is where you need to start attacking it from the front. It requires time to recover after its swipes, so make good use of the window.

Use your Guardian Special to deal extra damage with every blow and finish this fight rather quickly. This will conclude the Spider Nest Castle Mission of Nioh.

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