Nioh Walkthrough – Spider Nest Castle, Key To The Castle Gates Location, Joro Gumo Boss Tips

Nioh Spider Nest Castle walkthrough will guide you through the Spider Best Castle mission and will help you with easily defeating the Joro- Gumo Boss.

Spider Nest Castle is a treacherous area in Nioh full of surprises and you will have to be careful as the enemies will drop on you from the above. This Nioh walkthrough will help you through the area and will guide you so that you can make it to the end safely and defeat the Joro- Gumo Boss Fight.

Nioh Walkthrough – Spider Nest Castle

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Spider Nest Castle

As the Spider Nest Castle mission starts you will find a shrine in the immediate area, rest there and progress ahead and you will find an enemy to the right. Another enemy will pop out from the left, take care of them and enter the house on the right. Now exit the house and turn tight to see the evidence of a spider web. Kill the spider and you will get a Greatspear.

Continue ahead to the left of the spider web and you will see a web covered ramp that you can take, however, be careful of the at top of that ramp that will attack you simultaneously. Keep your distance from the spider’s ranged attacks and given the opportunity dash ahead and kill it.

At the top head right on the roof and on the right you can drop down to land a jump attack on the spider.

In a nearby house, you will find a spider and some egg cases, get rid of them. No exit the house and make your way to the center of the area. There will be another web ramp nearby with a spider, kill the spider and make your way to the roof.

Large Yokai Spider

On the ground, you will see a wall ahead with glowing Yokai mist. Use the sniper to reveal the large Yokai Spider. This large Yokai Spider is a tough one but it has a weakness which is its glowing abdomen. Avoid its slashes and be careful of its leap attacks and web spitting. Try and go to its rear and land your attacks when the opportunity presents itself.

Once this large Yokai Spider has been defeated approach the door that Yokai was attached to and open it. Cross the bridge and you will find a shrine on the right. You will see double doors near it, however, they can’t be opened from this side.

From these doors head right you will see a corpse at the end where a spider will attack you. From here go right and you will face a baby spider, defeat it and loot the corpse. Just ahead through the doorway, there will be a spider. Be careful of progressing too far as a boulder will come rolling down the hill.

If you have any ranged weapon then take out the archer up ahead and make your way up the hill. Up te hill will be a large Yokai with a deadly tongue attack try to get to its side or rear to land your attacks and defeat it.

Continue your journey up the hill and keep right and go through the doorway and kill the enemy ahead and deal with the archer in the tower behind you. In this house you will find an Oni, defeat it and loot the corpse nearby.

Around the corner of the right side of the house, you can follow up to the double doors that you won’t be able to open for now as you require Key To The Castle Gates.

Key To The Castle Gates

Head back to the area with the house and slide down to the webbing to the roof below. Drop into the house and you will find a spider nest in there, clear the room and loot the body nearby. Exit the house and continue right to the double doors.

Open the double door to open a shortcut to the earlier part of the mission, and make your way back to the center of the zone and enter the pool and you will find another door with a spider. Kill the spider and open the door. Now step through the doors head into the house and keep left. Enter the room to your left and reveal a Yokai defeat it and loot the corpse nearby.

Now enter the house nearby and clear it out and exit it. Then head right to take a path along and go around the corner left and enter the house through the opening on the left. Go straight into it and to find a Yokai behind the nook defeat it. Make your way through the house and you will come to a room with screens.

Destroy a wall and enter a room, a spider will attack you defeat it and reveal the Yokai. This Yokai is ver difficult one as it dual wields blades and can do some impressive flips. Defeat it and loot the corpse nearby for Key to the Castle Gates.

Exit the room and defeat the enemies that will spawn in front of you. Open the door out go right to barred doors, open it to unlock another shortcut. make your way back to the shrine and go up the hill where the boulders roll down the hill. Head up the path and through the doorway at the top and head left to return to the path up that you visited earlier to a locked door.

This door can be opened as you have Key To The Castle Gates, open it and you will find a shrine. Go right and follow the narrow path until you find a ladder. Go down then head up and go right where you will find enemies in your path. Keep heading down you will find a spider and you will find a double door ahead that you can unlock, head through and clear the area and make your way back to the shrine.

From the shrine to the left that slopes up, be careful before going up the ramp too far as a wheel yokai will come down leaving a trail of fire. Dodge it and take it out while it is stunned by the wall. Defeat it and go up and you will find an archer shooting fire arrows at you from the left. Head up the steps and kill it.

Enter the structure and the double doors ahead of you will be locked, proceed ahead to take the staircase above and taking out the spider along the way. An enemy will also stand up here and attack you and to your left, more spiders from eggs will emerge from the room. Proceed through the room and take the next staircase up and open the double doors to trigger the Joro-Gumo Boss fight.

Joro-Gumo Boss Fight

Immediately after the battle against Joro-Gumo starts, get behind her. You can either roll directly behind her or strafe along the sides while locked onto her. >Joro-Gumo’s weak spot is its rear so you need to get behind her.

After landing a few hits, she’ll try to protect her exposed weak point. During this position, get to the front side and land a couple of strikes before backing away. This is all that you need to do in order to deal a massive amount of damage.

Once you get her to low HP, she’ll get more aggressive and will start to deal a whole lot of damage. The basic strategy essentially remains the same, but if you’re having trouble dodging her attacks; call in your Guardian Spirit and be done with her before she has a chance to react.

That’s it for Nioh Spider Nest Castle walkthrough with Key to the Castle Gates location and Joro Gumo Boss Tips.

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