Nioh The Source of Evil Walkthrough

The Source of Evil mission in Nioh is a very straightforward one if you know what you are doing and defeating the Gasha-Dokuro Boss is very easily accomplished.

This Nioh walkthrough will guide you through the mission and help you find the Soul-Soothing Comb used to defeat the Gasha-Dokuro.

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Nioh The Source of Evil

The Source of Evil mission begins with a cutscene the shows the unveiling of Gasha-Dokuro. As The Source of Evil mission begins, go to your immediate right to find a shrine.

You will find Skeleton Warrior force in this area, so take it out and head to the left to find Tenkai by a structure. Talk to the Tenkai and he will give you a Soul-Soothing Comb.

Go up the ramp and drop down ahead. In this area, there will be several red circular shadow realm areas that will spawn deadly foes similar to Revenants as you get near them. So keep that in mind while you progress ahead.

Head straight to find a corpse just through the opening in the wall and then take a right and then towards the left and make your way towards the large structures while taking out enemies in your way.

Head to the structure on the right and head right across the field to face the Gasha-Dokuro.

You will find a series of red crystals clusters ringing in the area. Interact with the first red crystal cluster to drive a spike through it to neutralize it.

Head from this cluster across the battlefield towards a structure ahead.

However, there will be a lot of Yokai in the way so it would be better if you just run past them.

Head right of the house and to your right there will be a small tower with a fallen log nearby.

Get on the log and onto the path to find a shrine on your right. Now go back the way you came and head straight into the pit to face the Gasha-Dokuro boss.

Gasha-Dokuro Boss

Compared to other bosses in Nioh, Gasha-Dokuro is a pretty easy boss if you know what to do and when.

Before heading into the pit interact with all 3 red crystals around the boss area.

The Soul-Soothing Comb will turn the crystals orange and will reveal the glowing spots that will recharge your living weapon. This will help you a lot in defeating the Gasha-Dokuro.

Hand and feet are the weak spots for Gasha-Dokuro, and destroying each weak spot will make him rest his head on the mountain. Once he does, run up the hill quickly and attack his head.

Repeat this 3-4 times and you will be able to easily defeat him. If you are having trouble dealing some serious damage then unleash your living weapon to deal some extra damage.

When you stand in the glowing spots your living-weapon recharges over time but for these glowing spots to appear you need to interact with the 3 crystal clusters mentioned above.

Gasha-Dokuro is also weak to wind attacks so using the wind-based weapon will be the best idea.

And that’s it for the Nioh The Source Of Evil walkthrough with tips on how to defeat the Gasha-Dokuro Boss easily.

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