Nioh The Silver Mine Writhes Walkthrough

This Nioh The Silver Mine Writhes Walkthrough will guide you through the fifth mission of the game through The Silver Mine Writhes and The Great Centipede Boss Fight.

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Nioh The Silver Mine Writhes

Level 27 is recommended to do this mission. From the Shrine, head outside through the narrow, rugged patch and cross the wooden bridge.

The wooden machine you see will clear the poison on the ground.

Head leftwards and drop down where another machine is. Clear the poison and move along the path going across the ladder. Take the cave on the left into a room.

The machine is placed on the ground on the other side. Clear the poison and drop down on the left.


Fight the Yokai, go left and then down the ramp. You’ll see the machine across a bridge, fight the Wheel Monk that appears; space away before the fire breath and steer clear when it starts to roll, it comes dashing afterwards.

Take the stairs up and loot the corpse at the edge to find a key. Drop down the edge and open the shrine room on the right with the key.

Take the exit towards the bridge to fight another wheel monk, then head right and drop down the stairs to start another machine. Drop down again to proceed.

Heed leftwards fight Yokai along the way, take a long ladder upwards, continue onto a bridge until you come to a tunnel lined with yellow crystals. Enter to face the mission’s boss named the Great Centipede.

The Great Centipede Boss Fight

Great Centipede is not a tough boss. Run away when it comes biting, jump and roll when it charges quickly. The charge is followed by a ranged poison spit.

At the start, continue to hit the boss’s legs while trying to avoid standing on the front. Try to stay behind it in Low Stance and with a long-range melee weapon.

During the second phase, continue to strafe and make sure you do not get hit by its Stomp Attack. Once again, do not stand in front of it, and stick to the strategy mentioned above to complete the fight.

Rewards: Usurper’s Kabuto, 7200 Gold, 2864 Amrita, and Daion-jin’s Sake and Himorogi Branch

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