Nioh Memories of Death Lilies Walkthrough

This Nioh walkthrough will help you with The Memories of Death Lilies mission and tell you how to get to The Ogress Boss Fight and defeat her.

Memories of Death Lilies mission is a pretty simple one but in order to face the final test of this level you have to find the Seiryuji Temple Key. So in this Nioh walkthrough we will guide you how to find the Seiryuji Temple Key and how to defeat Ogress as she is quite an advesary.

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Nioh Memories of Death Lilies

As the mission starts head down the path and you will find a shrine on your right. Keep going down the path and you will find a dweller over a corpse.

Defeat it and keep left down the path and around the boulder to the left you will find a fiend so take it out.

Keep going down this path until you reach a Yokai by a boulder, push the boulder clear out some enemies along the way.

Now follow the ramp at which you rolled down the boulder stay to your left by the waterfall. Enter the path ahead and you will find a Wheel Monk, keep right to the path and follow it and up the ramp to take out the dwellers.

Approach on of the trees here and you will receive a prompt to push it over. Do so and you will create a bridge for yourself.

Now go back to the ramp and head left and then head right at the junction and follow this path to a double door.

Open the doors and enter the courtyard, here there will be an eyeball yokai on the right before, just kill it before it transforms.

If he licks you, he will transform to the One-Eyed Oni so kill it before that. Use the melee attack as they can dodge the projectiles.

Seiryuji Temple Key Location

Make your way down the step on the right and then take a left and follow the path to reach a shrine. Continue on the path and step into the courtyard on the left to reveal a shadow realm Raven Tengu.

He does the spin attack followed by another attack so keep an eye for that, he can give you headache but is still a beatable enemy.

Now enter the double doors and clear the house and exit it the house and courtyard to the right and make an immediate right up the stairs to find a Yoki.

Continue up on this path to the house courtyard and take out the enemies up here as well as the shadow realm Yoki.

Proceed and you will find a tower, kill the enemy and loot the corpse to acquire the Seiryuji Temple Key, now drop down from this tower to the ground.

Keep moving ahead and drop down to the next level and then take a right and follow the path right to the steps that will take you up back to the courtyard.

Now enter the double doors and unlock them using the Seiryuji Temple Key and you will find two Skeleton Warriors on the other side. Now open the next double doors at the top of the steps to trigger the Ogress Boss Fight.

Ogress Boss Fight

While fighting the Ogress in Nioh you have to follow one simple strategy, just stay directly under her chest which will cause most of her attacks to go right above you and miss.

However, she’ll occasionally land an attack which targets the ground directly in front of her so do keep this in mind.

Ogress has a jumping attack with a ridiculous tracking that can be pretty tough to dodge.

To be able to dodge this attack either dodge the last second or roll away twice and try to save your healing for this particular attack.

In the second phase of the Ogres Boss fight, try not to get hit by her multiple hit combo as she can dish out an incredible amount of damage in about no time.

Moreover, try to call in your Guardian Spirit to deal some quick damage and shorten the battle. Repeat this strategy and you will be able to defrat her.

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